Four Eyes

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Since the fifth grade I've been a glasses wearer. Unfortunately having round eyeglass frames when I was in  elementary school really wasn't as stylish as it is now and I was made fun of. Ten years later and I'm always receiving compliments about my glasses frames!

That's me at prom...with glasses on..Serious stuff. (PS: that 'drink' is grapefruit juice!)

I always used to feel obligated to by my frames from the eye doctor - but over the past couple of years I've discovered online eyeglasses retailers. I would have to say that I much prefer the variety of styles that are available online compared to in-store. is a great online glasses retailer that I love! There are hundreds of options for both Rx eyeglasses and sunglasses!

You can try on frames virtually using the Virtual Mirror feature, which I think is really cool.

Super cute right? (the glasses - certainly not that picture).

Not only does have super affordable prices, they also offer a 365 day return policy and shipping to Canada! The lovely folks at GlassesUSA are even offering my readers 10% off of their purchase with the coupon code: Blog10. 

Go ahead and give the virtual mirror a try and then head over to to grab some new specs!


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