Down to a Science: Steripod + GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm pretty anal when it comes to cleanliness. I honestly cannot function in a messy/dirty environment nor can I handle germs (you may remember my post on hand sanitizers).  

I share a washroom in my apartment - and (this is gross - prepare yourself) the toilet seat cover doesn't always get closed before the toilet is flushed (not by me...I ALWAYS put it down!!!!) Because of the proximity of my toothbrush to the sink and my knowledge of how many germs float around, I employ a toothbrush cover (among other things...) 

I really like the SteriPod for a toothbrush cover. Not only does it PROTECT your toothbrush, it also SANITIZES it after each use! Perfect if you're travelling or in my (unfortunate) situation. 

Here's the science behind SteriPod:

Enclosed inside each steripod toothbrush sanitizer is a laboratory formulated thymol compound. The compound is encapsulated in plastic with small holes that allow the thymol vapors to escape and surround your brush bristles. It’s the vapors that do all the work - see our research page for the test results if you like. The entire steripod is shipped sealed in a medical quality enclosure – ensuring that the compound is not activated [by air flow] before you unwrap. All you have to do is clip the steripod on your brush! - no batteries, no socket, no hassle!

How perfect! 

Now for the fun, I will be giving away SteriPods to TWO lucky winners!
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Good luck!

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