Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall in Canada is pretty cold and rainy - which means it's the perfect time to wear rainboots! 

There are so many different styles, colours and brands - but I really do prefer the Hunter rainboot over everything else!

Even though Hunter boots can be pricey, they are amazingly durable and really do keep your feet dry. Many cheaper boots I've tried in the past do not manage to keep your feet dry and wear easily. 
The classic black (no gloss) is my favourite

Another great thing about these boots are the socks that you can buy to wear with them. In Canada Winter usually starts halfway through fall - so there isn't much time to transition (I've already been wearing a light winter coat). The socks keep your feet warm enough so that you could use the Hunter boots as winter boots!

What are your favourite rainboots?


  1. Even though I live in Vancouver and boots are practical- I have hesitated to pull the trigger on Hunter boots! They just seem so expensive! but I may not be able to resist, they are just so cute!

    1. They are definitely worth the price! Hunters will last you for years!


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