Down to a Science: Planners

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I rely on my planner so much! I'd be lost without it. I currently use the large Lilly Pulitzer agenda in the May flower pattern!

Available here and here

The size of this planner is perfect for me and has way more space to write than the school issued planners. 

I typically write everything down in my planner. I have a lot of deadlines and events happening that I do not want to forget. When the weeks are especially busy - I use sticky notes within the planner to ensure that I don't miss anything. 

The key to an organized planner is colour coding. I colour code my pens, sticky notes, and highlights. Colour coding is a fantastic way to know what commitments you have in a particular day, month or year - using a quick glance. When I'm (rarely) in a rush I can look down at my planner quickly and know what's happening that day based on the colours I see. 

Note: I took this picture before October - so there is a lot more there now...

How do you use your planner?

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