Fall Beauty Essentials

Monday, September 24, 2012

Whenever the weather changes, my beauty must haves do to. When it gets cooler I have to focus on moisture. I have naturally dry skin, and the cold weather doesn't do me any favours.  Makeup wise, I cut back on the amount of products I wear and keep the palette pretty neutral. I wake up pretty early everyday - so I don't really like piling the makeup on. Here are my fall beauty favourites: 

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub 
 Since my skin is dry, I need a light everyday scrub. This one is not too abrasive and smells really nice!

Cetaphil Moisturizer 
This moisturizer is non-comedogenic meaning it doesn't clog your pores. It also keeps my skin hydrated all day!

Maybelline BB Cream 
I prefer BB cream over foundation in the fall because it provides a great amount of coverage with added moisture. It also never makes me look like I am wearing makeup, which is nice.

Bare Minerals Blush 
I really like how smoothly this goes on! It gives me a nice that I lack in the fall/winter time. 

Body Shop Glimmer Cubes (Natural Palette) 
These eyeshadows aren't as glittery as they seem and really just open up your eyes and make you look awake (perfect for those early mornings). Unlike other eyeshadows I've tried in the past, the glimmer cubes actually stay put all day!

Clinique Black Honey Lipstick
 Don't be intimidated by the colour of this lip stain. It was designed to look differently on different people despite it's deep colour. For me it shows up as a berry red. It goes on like a balm and doesn't make your lips feel dry like many lipsticks. Definitely my favourite product of the season.

What are your fall beauty essentials?


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