The Dressy Dress

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I suddenly have quite a few events coming up that require a 'dressy' dress. I find that it's pretty difficult to find such a dress without looking like I'm headed to the prom. I do not appreciate the layers upon layers of tulle that companies are making their dresses with these days! I love a good challenge, and it was a lot of fun picking out 'dressy' dresses that suit me. 

Let's explore!

I love how flowy the J. Crew dresses are! These are great because the silhouette is timeless , so you can wear these dresses for years to come. I really like that they are not fussy. They are pretty, but don't scream, "look at me!" They are simple, classic and effortless. 10 points!

Kate Spade dresses have a lot of personality - which I really like. I would invest in these because they are very versatile, which is important for limited budgets. 

Lilly Pulitzer does the navy dress very well. The detailing on both dresses is just enough, and for someone who loves Lilly but not bold prints - these are perfect!

What are your favourite 'dresssy' dresses?



  1. Hi,

    I hope this isn't presumptuous of me, but I noticed you are plus size. Do you have tips on finding cute, plus size clothing?

    1. It really depends on the brand and style. In some stores a 14 is fine and in others I am larger. My favourite store Old Navy has a wide selection of plus sized clothing (I think they go up to a 4x. I'm not entirely sure). But the key is to always try things on and not to be discouraged by the size label. If you want more advice feel free to send me an email


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