Kate Spade Fall 2012 Lookbook

Thursday, August 9, 2012

 I get really excited when I see my favourite brands publish their Fall 2012 lookbooks. I recently shared the Old Navy lookbook - and now I've got my Kate Spade favourites to share. 
It was super difficult to narrow my favourites down to a few. I'm really loving the Parisian feel that the Fall clothes have. I've always wanted to travel to France - and although that won't be for a while, these clothes will make me feel like I'm walking the streets of Paris - instead of my tiny college campus. 


I'm a huge fan of dresses with a simple silhouette. They can easily be dressed up or down!


I love these tops. They are effortlessly chic!


An assortment of accessories that I absolutely love!

The entire collection can be viewed here and all items are available online here



  1. I just adore Kate Spade. Her things make me happy :).

    1. Me too! I'm especially loving all of the French elements in the Fall collection!


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