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Thursday, August 2, 2012

 I almost always work from home. From time to time I’ll head to a library or coffee shop – but I much prefer working from the comfort of my home.

Now while working from home is great and comfortable, I am guilty of getting into the habit of wearing ‘lounging’ clothes around the house. This is not to say that if you work from home you need to dress as if you are in an office, but there is that saying, “if you dress the part, you’ll feel the part” and I’m certainly not feeling the part in yoga pants and sorority t-shirts.

Although my home office fun is coming to an end (I’m heading back to school in 3 weeks), I’ve found some outfits that are prefect for working in your home office!

Bleeker Ponte Dress – Piperlime

Pink Oxford + Denim – The Gap

Patti Short


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