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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back to School: Tumbler Cups!

I start school in exactly one week from today! With that comes long days of classes and extracurricular activities. While I really love water, I am really weary of it in Windsor (I mean we are bordered by the Detroit River) and I tend to buy a million and one water bottles. Terrible right? To get myself out of that habit, I went out and bought a series of Tumblers (no relevance to Tumblr) to refill with water from my Brita!

Delta Zeta Tumbler - Tervis | Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler - Lifeguard Press | 
Monogrammed Tumbler - Marley Lilly | Starbucks Tumbler - Starbucks 

Do you carry a Tumbler?

PS: How do you like the header I made with my drawing tablet
I'm still getting used to it!


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