Back to School: School Approved Shoes

Saturday, August 18, 2012

We're continuing on with the Back to School posts! I'm headed back to school a week today and I am so excited - I digress. 

Around campus I see a lot of ladies wearing pretty unreasonable shoes. I can't imagine how 5 inch heels are practical or comfortable when you have a full day of classes. While I'm not necessarily opposed to heels, I myself prefer flat shoes. Ballet flats, loafers and sandals (when appropriate) are my go-to school shoes. 

Here are some of my favourite school-approved shoes!

Loafers are my favourite 'dressy' shoe. 
I wear these to school if I have a meeting or presentation.
 They are so comfortable and the small heel gives me some height!

I sport these on my busy days. 
I like that they have the support and feel of a running shoe - but don't come with the added bulk! 

I love the classic ballet flat. 
They can easily be dressed up or down and some in so many different colours!

The standard boat shoe is quite versatile. They are extremely comfortable (once broken in) and go with a variety of outfits!

What are your go-to shoes?


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