Back to School: Beauty

Saturday, August 4, 2012

 The countdown to school is on! 
I have mixed feelings as I am starting to get bored at home - but I'm not looking forward to the heavy workload I'll get when school begins. 

While I'm home for the summer I don't wear any makeup, but when I get back to school - I tend to put on a small amount because I come into contact with a lot of people (students, professors, bosses, and during recruitment). In addition, I have very dry skin and when the temperature cools down - it really shows. Because of this I follow a very simple makeup routine in the morning (because I barely have time to do anything further)! 

Here are my beauty must-haves for school:

Elizabeth Arden Tinted Moisterizer
Revlon Nude Creme Eyeshadow
EOS Lipbalm in Passion fruit
QUO Bronzer powder
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I use the Tinted moisturizer as a base and then apply my eyeshadow and bronzer. I only use a little bit of bronzer because dry skin appears very dull and it gives me some colour. I finish it off with mascara and my lipbalm (gloss or a lipstick if I’m feeling adeventurous)! 

And that’s it!
What is your daily beauty routine?

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