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Monday, July 30, 2012

I've really been getting into the arm candy look lately and a watch just seems fitting to add into the mix! I currently sport a basic silver watch, but I've been looking to add a statement watch to my collection.

Although I'm guilty of checking the time on my phone while I have a watch on - they definitely come in handy during classes and other situations where it's inappropriate to whip out your phone and check the time!

1. Seaport Grand - Kate Spade | 2. Peyton Chronograph - Michael Kors | 
3. Hudson - Michael Kors | 4. Carlisle - Coach | 5. Ceramic Link - Anne Klein | 
6. Waldorf - Kate Spade

I love the mix of watches here. They are all perfect for mixing with other bangles. While I'm not a huge fan of the 'stack' (too much bulk when I'm typing class notes or writing) I can definitely see myself pairing these watches with one other bangle!

I'm currently trying to talk myself out of getting them all...

Do you wear a watch?


  1. I was obsessed with the rose gold MK watch..... I settled on the Fossil rose gold watch and I am OBSESSED with it! It is SO pretty AND it doesn't break the bank! I have to wear a watch daily because we aren't allowed to have/check our cell phones at school

    1. I had to start wearing a watch last year - and I just bought the bare minimum. Now I really want a fancier watch! The Fossil one is really nice!!

  2. I LOVE Michael Kors watches. Seriously, I wish I could have all of his watches!


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