Superstitions + PS Wallpaper

Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th today and it's got me thinking about superstitions. I wouldn't consider myself superstitious at all. I've never had a 'bad' experience on a Friday the thirteenth and it irks me a little when people use it as a crutch! 

I guess this post is leading into luck and how I feel about it. 
I really don't think it's a tangible thing. You really have to go out there and create your own 'luck'! Work hard and live your dreams! If there is something that you really want - don't wait around and consider yourself lucky if it happens. Go out there and make it happen! 

Take advantage of the opportunities available to you. If there are no opportunities - create them! There is always a way. 
Don't let 'luck' hold you down. 

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