Thursday, July 5, 2012

As terrible as this may sound - my mind often wanders, especially at times when it shouldn't. 
Sometimes I find it difficult to stay motivated and complete the task at hand when I have so many other thoughts floating around my head! My motivation issues get even worse when things don't go my way or don't happen quick enough for me. 

So what keeps me going when my motivation is low? 
I think of all of the goals I have set for myself - and remind myself that I am the only one who can make them a reality. I know that if I don't stay on top of my work - no one else will, and it may hurt my chances of achieving a goal. It's tough, but it's reality. 

I set high expectations for myself and it's easy to lose steam with everything else going on around me - but I never let myself stay down for too long. 

I love the message in this quote. It definitely goes with the motivation theme!

PS: Some fun things I do when I feel unmotivated are: listening to music, peruse Pinterest, go for a walk, read other blogs or clean (sounds crazy - but it works). 

What do you do when you lose steam?


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