Monday, July 9, 2012

You may have noticed the new addition to the header today (if you're viewing this in a reader head over to the blog to see)! I am so in love with the new look! Isn't it fantastic?

Short back story: I really wanted a logo for the blog and almost went crazy trying to design one. My design skills are very limited (read: I don't have any), and I was getting really frustrated trying to get one made. 

I decided to accept the fact that I needed help and advertised on Facebook (I never do this) that I needed a designer! A short while later I received a message and was introduced to a fabulous (read: seriously amazing) designer KarleighShe did such a great job designing and keeping up with my crazy requests! All I had to do was send her a few ideas and she came up with the perfect logo. It's so me - from the cropped haircut down to the chevron lab coat! 

At the end of everything, I gained a fabulous logo and even more fabulous friend! 
Thank you so much Karleigh!  

I never thought I'd look this great as a drawing!

If you're looking for a designer I highly recommend Karleigh! She is available by e-mail for requests!

I love my new header so much! What are your thoughts?

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