Bedroom Basics: Wall Art + Giveaway Winner!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For today's installment in the college room decor series, I am going to focus on wall art! In my first two years of college I lived in on campus housing, and used posters to decorate since I couldn't hang things on the wall. Now that I can - I have been searching for cute wall art! I'd like to invest in pieces that I can use for the next few years and that can transition into my first home. I've been searching high and low for such wall art - and here are some of my favourite finds!
Essie Collection in Watercolor

Essie Nail Polish in Watercolor

Kate Spade Clutch Watercolor Art Prints

These beautiful watercolour prints are by Laura Trevy.
 These are so pretty and I would love to have all three in my home. The colours are so vibrant and the prints themselves are very sophisticated. Perfection!

When I found the Laura Trevy prints I stopped looking for other wall art. I love the first three so much - so here are some more that I would love to have:

Fashion Illustration in Watercolor

SALE - Blue Shoes On

Punch Buggy Art Print
These are all so fun and stylish! I love these prints!

Check out Laura Trevy on Etsy!

Now for the giveaway winner! I had so much fun going through the entries, but it was also so hard to choose just one! Anyway after a few hours I was able to choose a winner and that person is:

Her name idea was Decorate Me! 
I love it because I can use it for Decor posts other than this series!

Thanks Tori! Please contact me at: to claim your prize!

If you didn't win don't fret - I am planning another (larger) giveaway when the blog reaches 100 followers - so please subscribe using Google Friend Connect and share!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog. Saw the link on the Being Greek blog and saw that you were a DELTA ZETA!!! So, I obviously had to comment and follow you! By the way, Looove the watercolor paintings!!!

    1. Thank you so much - DZ Love! I followed you as well! I'm having such a hard time narrowing down my choices for the watercolours!

    2. I just went to her Etsy site... She has SOO many cute ones!!

  2. Yay! I won :) Just sent you an email


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