20 things I wish I knew before I turned 20

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Today is my twentieth birthday. 
Twenty years ago I looked like this: 
and I'm fairly certain back then my only concerns were:
1. When am I getting fed next?
2. When am I getting changed next?

Needless to say, I've come a long way since then. It hasn't always been easy but it has always been worth it. Today I'm going to share with you 20 things I wish I knew before my 20th birthday. 

(Sidenote: I had planned to share some old photos but they were all too embarrassing to put on the internet)

1. Quit trying to perfect everything. Nothing in life is perfect. 
2. Ponchos are not stylish. Never ever. 
3. Neither are plastic beaded necklaces. Stay away. 
4. It's not the end of the world if that guy doesn't give you the time of day. 
5. If you're feeling down - tell someone. You don't have to keep it to yourself.

6. Purple eye shadow and glitter do not belong anywhere near your face.
7. Friends will come and go but you will inherit a group of sisters that will give you "understanding and appreciation" and "love that is ever steadfast". Cherish that sisterhood. 
8. You will get through your parents divorce and losing your home. It will take time - but you'll get through it. 
9. If a friend makes you feel down about yourself - leave them behind. 
10.You are going to accomplish amazing things and make your family proud. Don't fret. 

11. You're not always right.
12. Sometimes you're going to have to do things you don't want, in order to achieve results you do want. 
13. Your roommate in Freshman year is going be to psycho. You'll survive it.
14. No matter what anyone says - female scientists are cool.
15. It's okay to say no to people (even your close friends and family).

16. Not all of your ideas are good ones.
17. It's okay to keep your different groups of friends separate. As a matter of fact - don't try to make them all friends. It will become a disaster.
18. Don't watch My Super Sweet 16. 
19. You are the best version of yourself.  Don't try to be like someone else.
20. Relax and have fun! 

And that's it! I can't believe 20 years have gone by already! 
I'm really excited to start this next chapter of my life!


  1. AMAZING ! (: Hope you write about I wish I knew before I finished high school .

  2. like your list. and happy birthday!


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