Hair Woes

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I think I have the craziest hair ever. Seriously. And it often gets super annoying.

 It can be insanely curly: 

Exhibit A
or super straight:
Exhibit B
Sometimes my hair is SO hard to deal with. Since moving away for school my hair has taken a bit of a beating. I have been going to the same salon for six years - and now that I live so far from home it's hard to get there every six weeks to have my hair taken care of. 

Luckily with some guidance from my hair dresser, there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to my hair care routine. I use very specific products that I will share with you today!

1. Kerasoft Hair System - Jazma Salon
These products are only available through my hair salon (thank goodness for UPS). They are carefully constructed to meet the hair needs of curly girls like me - and are seriously amazing. These products make my hair feel so soft and moisturized.  I can't live without these products!

2. Curly Hair Line - Pantene 
I like these products to keep my curls looking great on the second (or third) day after washing. Curly hair gets very dry easily - and I also have dry skin so washing everyday is not an option for me. These products make my hair smell so good and keeps the curls soft and reduces frizz. 

I use this only when I plan on blow drying my hair. It's my first step in heat protection and it rocks!

4. Conditioner - Sunsilk
I mostly use this in between washes and sometimes when I blow dry. I like the green conditioner for days where I am in between washes and the pink conditioner for times where I want to blow dry. They all smell really good and make my hair so soft and manageable. 

5. Zebra Straightener - Cruise Collection
Although I am not a huge fan of the zebra print - this straightener is awesome! I bought it at Winners (think Marshalls my American readers). It was only 20 dollars and for that price it gets my hair so so straight. I definitely reccommend! 

6. Diffuser Attachment - Vidal Sassoon
I only use this during the colder months before I head out for class (in the summer I let my curls air dry). I really like this tool. It is a good size for shorter hair like mine, and it dries my whole head in less than ten minutes. Perfect for when I'm (rarely) in a rush!

I use this comb in the shower to separate my curls. Nothing fancy but it works!

What is your hair care routine? What products do you swear by?


  1. I definetly use my diffuser daily when I wear my hair curly! If not, it's a hot mess and all frizzy since my hair is so thick!

    I am such a sucker for hair/makeup products! I can be suckered into anything and everything! So, I have literally tried it ALL!

    My current love is Herbal Essence "Totally Twisted" - I actually like this better than any of the higher end salon brands i've tried!

    I've never tried the Dove Heat Defiance shampoo, but I think I need to go invest in some!!

    1. My hair is also so thick so management is key! I used to want stylish haircuts but it made my hair so hard to manage! I'll definitely try out the Totally Twisted product!


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