Favourite (Fun) Apps!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yesterday I talked about my favourite productivity apps for Anrdroid! So for today I thought I would share with you my favourite 'fun' apps! All of these apps are available for the iPhone so try them out!

1. Instagram!
I love Instagram. I use it for my Outfit of the Day posts (since I don't have a fancy photographer boyfriend). It's really easy to use and I like looking at the home page from time to time for inspiration. You can follow me on Instagram at @preppyscientist

2. Words with Friends
This game is just like Scrabble! I play it mostly against my dad (and I mostly win). 

3. Fruit Ninja
Slice all the fruit without dropping any or hitting a bomb! This game is pretty fast paced (read: a great way to work on those reflexes!)

4. Draw Something
I love this game! Sometimes the words are super wacky and hard to draw - but that's what makes it fun! Try drawing a 3 coin word for a challenge!

What are your favourite 'fun' apps?


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