Pandora Bracelets

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I recently received a beautiful pink leather Pandora bracelet band and I love it! At the moment, it's bare - and I have no idea where to start with my charm collection!

This is what the bracelet looks like. I love the look of the braided leather and the standard Pandora clasp! My birthday is in a couple of months and I want to ask for some charms, so I've been searching high and low for cute charms to ask for. Here are some I am considering. 

I know for sure that I will be asking for a sorority charm. I love my sorority so much and obviously need to represent it on my Pandora. 

I also think I'll ask for my birthstone charm. 

Inner strength charm. I like what this charm stands for, and it would be nice to have when I'm feeling down.
Finally the Faith, Hope and Love charm. I really like this charm and what it symbolizes. 

Does anyone else have a Pandora charm bracelet? What charms do you have?
- Preppy Scientist

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